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EVR 4-Week: Drill Team & Equine Sports Coaching

Drill team is creeping up fast on the 4 week girls but preparations are well underway. We have started practicing as a group and the routine is starting to come together. The girls have been working really hard in their riding lessons on perfecting their trotting and progressing to their canter skills.

Last night for EP the girls had the opportunity to watch some of the counsellors and instructors ride in staff demo. The girls really enjoyed this and it gave them an insight into how a drill team looks from a spectators angle. The girls also used the demo as a resource to see what moves they could put into their own drill team routine.

This morning all the girls did round pen followed by equine sports coaching which is something new this year.  This ground lesson is taught by Sarah and Its all about getting the girls to think as instructors rather than as pupils. The girls really enjoyed learning about the perfect riding position and they were able to put their feedback from their own lessons into practice by correcting riding positions.



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