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EVR 4 Week: Drill Team Prep Begins!

It has been a very eventful few days for the 4-week girls! They have finally settled on a military drill team theme, and have been hard at work with the planning! On Monday while the 2-week girls had their evaluation rides, the 4-week discusses colour schemes, brainstormed manoeuvres and begun planning costumes and arena decorations. Because the theme is one of the most important parts of a drill team, the girls are working hard to make it fun, engaging and memorable!

On Monday evening the girls went on an overnight in a beautiful hay field. Although the original plan of riding horses up to the campsite did not go quite as planned, the girls still had an amazing time! After making their own pita pizzas at EVR, the girls headed up to the campsite for an evening of campfire fun! Under the open sky, the girls roasted s’mores and stargazed, trying to spot as many shooting starts as they could. The next day (Tuesday Monday), the girls roasted bagels on the campfire and hiked back to EVR for a morning of hot chocolate and much needed rest!

Tuesday afternoon the girls were all hard at work in their lessons practising their trotting from their seat. In the last 20 minutes the girls came together for their first mounted drill team practice. They practised walking the routine as a whole ride and with their partners. It was a great lesson with communication and teamwork! After this half of the girls taught the ground lesson, our lessons about horses, that they had planned. The girls put in a lot of effort and it was amazing to see the fun plans and activities that they had come up with!

Tuesday night the girls played an exciting game called Wells Fargo where each team are trying to steal each other’s gold and freeze their opposition by stealing their sock!

This morning a storm rolled in so the girls made major progress in their plans for the drill team!! They worked on coming up with the music, costumes and the decorations. They also saw a demo of the choreography. Throughout the next week the girls will work to perfect it!

After the drill team prep, the girls headed into the forest for shelter building! This activity helps build wilderness survival skills, and also an important team building activity as it gets the girls to work together to build the structure. After lunch the girls all had their lesson together and practiced their drill team!

For tonight’s evening activity the girls are going to play Boppers!! For this there are teams that must complete different stations as fast as they can without being frozen by the Boppers, or they must take part in a challenge to be free!


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