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EVR 4-Week: Eat, Sleep, Drill Team, Repeat!

This week the four-week girls are spending lots of time focusing on their drill team! They are putting all of their spare time and effort into making it amazing!! They are not only practising ideas in their mounted riding lessons, but they’re also practising on foot walking through how everything would run, and putting all their ideas together. Soon all this hard work will pay off and they will get to show it to everyone!! Everyone else is in suspense excitedly waiting to see it next week!

The girls have also had the chance to spend time working on ground lessons, looking at the other side of them and how they work and what they consist of. This is a chance for the girls to plan and teach their own, showing and sharing all of their own horse knowledge with others!!

Before dinner each day, the girls are helping turn out all of the horses to the pasture and do stable management. They help guide to two-week girls that have just arrived as to how everything works. They are all being great role models!!

Last night our evening programme was WELLS FARGO!! It was a huge hit with the girls last session that we got to play it again. This time the girls new how everything worked with banks of gold and socks so got to help other team members really understand and get involved in loving the game too!! Everyone loved this game again because they got to chose a strategy that suits them – meaning everyone got involved and had a great evening of fun!!

The girls are currently in their riding lessons and are all progressing so much!! Later this afternoon they are learning about horse behaviour and instincts, which they have shown an interest in earlier, so will be great for them to fully understand it!


Laura Stirling

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