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EVR 4-Week: Holdover & Session 4

Its hard to believe that it is Session 4 already! Time is flying by and yurt 4 are making the most of the 4 week session. Over the weekend the 4 week girls had EVR to themselves as the 2 week girls headed home After a lovely ride through the trees on Ranger Ridge on Friday, the girls kick started their holdover weekend by having a giant water fight whilst cleaning tack at the barn. After drying off the girls got comfortable in the couch room ready for a movie marathon.

On the Saturday the girls created a giant obstacle course using whatever they could find around camp. Each person then took it in turns to race around the course, jumping over poles and hula hooping. The girls really enjoyed themselves! After lunch we relaxed in the sunshine on the lawn and played carpet ball. The day was then made perfect with s’mores by the camp fire and star gazing.

The four week girls have been helping the new two week girls to settle in especially the new campers that have joined them in the yurt. Today we walked the horses back from their holiday field and are getting ready now to go ride!



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