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EVR 4 Week: Last Days

The four-week girls have been extra busy this week and have been up to so much!! They have all progressed so much on their horses and have all been doing a super job! They put so much time and effort into making their drill team perfect, and it all paid off last night!! The two-week girls and all of the staff got to sit around the arena to watch the amazing My Little Pony Themed Drill Team!! They were all colour coordinated to be a different colour from the rainbow, and had Emily read out an introduction about each of them and their horses, which was great!

Not only did the girls get to share their drill team this week, but they also when on their overnight!! The girls got to go on our first ever horse overnight!!! They rode their horses up the mountain in the sunset to our hayfields, and slept under the stars in their sleeping bags, with their horses sleeping nearby! They had a campfire and s’mores and a really enjoyable evening! The rode back down the mountain with a beautiful sunrise after tacking up their horses and putting the things away. They all did really well and it was an unforgettable evening!

This evening we are having our closing campfire, where the girls will get to share their goals they set themselves!! We will also sing some songs and share our memories of not only the second session, but also the whole four weeks the girls have had! It has been a wonderful four weeks (which have flown by!) and all of the girls will be really missed next session!


Laura Stirling

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