3 canoes on lake cole

EVR 4-week: Opening Campfire & Arts and Crafts

The 4-week girls are now all unpacked and settled into the yurt and are enjoying getting to know each other.  Opening campfire was a lot of fun and the girls all sang songs and ate delicious s’mores. Yurt 4 also starting off the camp fire talent show with the Moose, Alpaca song which everyone enjoyed.

As the sun rose over EVR this morning, the girls were up and ready to kick start the day with some arts and crafts. The girls made posters of the core values which will be going up in the EVR dining hall for everyone to see. We then headed to waterfront before lunch where the girls continued to get to know one another and swim. This afternoon the girls will be going to the barn to complete eval rides and meet the amazing horses that we have here.



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