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EVR 4-Week

The four-week girls have been super busy prepping for their drill team next week and have all been working hard in their lessons to help with it! Yesterday they were learning about assisting an instructor during riding lessons, and today they got to practice! This morning they spent the whole morning at the barn helping with horses, grooming, vet care and other things that needed to be done! All of the girls got to assist in another lesson with the two-weekers in, and were all super helpful! This afternoon they had double ride time, which of course they all loved!! Who wouldn’t want to ride even more!? They had their normal lesson period as well as another ride period where each lesson group joined up and practiced their drill team together in full on their horse! They all did an amazing job, especially for a full first run though!!

Yesterday afternoon the girls were all so busy learning new dance routines, playing team building activities and using their creativity by creating their own dream barn that we didn’t even get a chance to notice the bad weather outside! The girls got to show of all of their new dance moves after dinner when we had a mini dance party! After this we had our evening programme where we played a super fun game called BOPPERS!!!

They have been busy playing games – one of their favourite seems to be splat! They’ve also been spending lots of time in arts & crafts, where they’re been busy working on projects or making candles! We have been having a cleanest yurt competition, which they have won multiple times now!! This meant that as their prize they got to spend their rest hour in our basement watching a movie!

This evening the girls made banana boats with deliciously filled melted chocolate and marshmallows, which they all enjoyed! They also had hangout time where they got the spend time with everyone and anyone this evening! They got to chose between lots of different activities including: Gaga, Wink Murderer, Origami, just to name a few!


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