3 canoes on lake cole

EVR: Horse puns are the glue that keeps this community stable.

Last night the 2 weekers went out on their overnight!
After a fun night of making their own pitta pizzas, we set out on our overnights to sleep under the stars! Yurts 1 and 2 slept in the barn, and they all found it really exiting to sleep where the horses live during the day and listen to the sound of some of the horses walking around in the back paddock behind the barn at night to fall asleep to.
For yurts 3 and 5, we took a hayride down to the farm, crossed the cable bridge, and set up camp for the night in the woods under tarps. We had a campfire and sang songs and roasted marshmallows. We fell asleep to the sound of the stream running past us and the frogs croaking in the distance. I think the most novel part was that they had to use nature as their restroom! While the 2 week were away, the 4 weekers got to go and do high ropes! A fun evening was had by all.

The weather hasn’t been the best over the past few days, but the rain cant’t stop us! We love the rain at EVR, it helps our grass grow for the horses to eat!  The girls have all still been able to ride, and many have progressed onto hand trotting and independent trotting! They all get the opportunity to groom and tack there horses, forming a closer bond between the horse and rider! They have been in the barn as well, learning about horse vet care, and owning your own horse! Yesterday we also played a really fun game called WELLS FARGO!! This is a summer camp favorite with the girls and they’re already asking when they can play it again! It involves two teams, where each team has some gold in each of their banks that the other team can steal and win. However everyone also has a sock attached to them, which can also be stolen, but once you lose a sock, you’re frozen until somebody gives you a sock they have collected back. Everyone loved this game because you can chose a strategy that suits you – meaning everyone got involved and had a great evening of fun! When the rain has been too heavy to play outside, we have been inside doing really fun activities! We have been learning taekwondo, making natural facials, and we had a movie night too!


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