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EVR is The Greatest Show

Our first ever Theme Weekend was a great success! Our theme was The Greatest Showman! On Saturday the girls were told that they were in training for the circus, and so they had a bareback lesson, which was a first for many. Then the girls split off into groups and did top hat making, vaulting; where you can do tricks on a horse such as spin around, lie backwards, they also tie dyed. Then for their second part of the training for the circus was to go to low ropes and balance on the tightrope. Then we saved the best till last.. we had an outdoor movie night and watch THE GREATEST SHOWMAN!!

On Sunday we continued our training. Yurts 1 and 2 did our high ropes element called Pegasus. This is when one of the girls are harnessed in between two trees and the rest of the group run with a rope and the person in the harness flies up into the air! Yurts 3, 4, and 5, did our other high ropes element, Leap of Faith, where they are harnessed in, climb up a tree, and jump off a platform! We also made circus decorations, made up circus acts and songs, did cake decorating, and then for our evening party, we had an outdoor circus themed dance party!

Today the girls started their specialty lessons, either trails or arenas. The trails progress each day, starting from the lowest ability and getting harder each day. The girls have also just gone out on their overnight! This is where they sleep outside under the stars. Yurts 3 and 5 have hiked to farm camp and are sleeping at that overnight spot. Yurts 1 and 2 are sleeping down at the barn, with the sound of the horses in the back paddock behind them. They learned all about outdoor living skills; making shelters, leaving no trace, and even pooping in the woods. They will be back nice and early at 7am tomorrow to get showered and ready for their horse riding lessons!

Can you believe it is already the second week of session 3?!



Laura Stirling

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