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EVR Makes The World A Better Place!

Weekends at EVR are SO much fun!! On Saturday the two-week girls all got to ride bareback!! Which meant that everyone got to ride a horse without a saddle and learn how to balance and control their horse without a saddle to support! They loved it just as much! When the two-week girls were riding bareback, the 4-weekers got to practice their drill team on their horses all together. This gave them a long period of time to focus on working together and making it perfect! They are so excited to show all of the two week girls what they have been working on!

On Saturday they also did a range of fun activities in rotations, which included show grooming, arts and crafts, and playing other games! In the afternoon we have a rotation of Slip ‘n Slide, and other water games to cool off from the warm weather!

Saturday evenings at EVR mean only one thing: EAT WITH YOUR FACE NIGHT!! As a tradition, on Saturday we had no silverware and everybody got to eat their spaghetti and meatballs with their face! All of the girls found it hilarious and were covered in spaghetti sauce! After this we had a super secret evening activity for the girls: a quiz night!! This was a chance for the girls to share all of their knowledge they have learnt about EVR, their counsellors as well as world knowledge and songs! Everybody enjoyed themselves and got really involved!

On Sunday the girls got to sleep in and have a delicious brunch! Along with more commonly eaten brunch foods we had …. WAFFLES AND ICE-CREAM!!! Which of course, everyone loved, because that meant covering it all in your own choice of delicious toppings!! Sunday’s at EVR are theme days!! This session our theme was: MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE DAY!! This means that the whole day was based around making the world a better place. After brunch everyone took part in making EVR a cleaner and better place by cleaning up and making it look it’s best! We have lots of activities that included: face and body painting, where there were lots of flowers, peace signs and rainbows! The girls also got to do some rock painting where they wrote kind messages on rocks and placed them around EVR to keep everyone smiling. Everybody also got a chance to make flower head dresses and dream catchers! Everyone had an opportunity to make their own music with different instruments we had! After these activities everybody came together and had time to write down how they would make the world a better place. All of the girls shared their ideas, which was great to see how different everybody’s ideas were!

After dinner we had an evening program of a huge live action game of Clue! All of the same rules applied, and everyone was in teams with cards and a checklist! Everyone had to go to each of the rooms and locations and complete challenged to have the option to make an accusation and see a card. Everyone loved being a detective and to find out that it was Mrs Peacock, in the conservatory with the Croc!!

Although everybody loved the exciting weekend, the girls were also so excited to be back to our regular schedule after the fun weekend, because that means they get to ride their horse again!! The girls are now into their second week of camp – it’s going way too quickly!!! Today the girls have been learning about different horse careers, as well as grooming and tacking, or untacking their horses! Last week half of the girls got to groom and tack their own horses before their lessons, and the other girls got to untack after their lesson. This week we have flipped the schedule so that everybody gets to help and try everything!

Not only are we busy with our horses, but we’ve been swimming in the stream, and going on adventure hikes today already!!




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