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EVR: Maybe She’s Barn With It, Maybe its Neighbelline

Can you believe tomorrow is our last full day of camp?! Time really does fly when you are having fun.

Last night, Farm Camp joined us in watching the Staff Demo. This is when the girls get to watch the staff ride, as they perform a drill team and also play a game called transitions. In transitions, the riders walk around the arena and someone shouts out commands (walk, trot, circle, canter) and the last person to do this is out! After the demo, the Farm and EVR had a dance party outside together, which is great to see as we love to see both camps mingling together!

All the girls who have chosen arena lessons for their specialties have now trotted! This shows just how much they have progressed in less than two weeks, and the great bond between both horse and rider. The girls who picked to go out on trails have been up the mountain today, visiting the top pasture where some of the horses live during the weekend! They practiced their steering, going up and down steep hills and controlling their horses in open spaces.

Our ground lesson today involved understanding horse behavior. The girls got a chance to go in our round pen with one of our horses and practice the join up technique. Join Up is where the girls established a role of leadership in the ‘herd’ – they pushed the horse away from them and controlled its movement until a trust was formed. All the girls were successful in forming this relationship and it was really cool to see them in this role.

For our Evening Program tonight we had special visitors! Our little sister village Mustang came over from main camp! The EVR girls spent time at arts and crafts creating posters for their arrival. We played a huge camp game called Boppers. This is when we get split up into teams and need to complete different challenges such as egg and spoon races, Kan Jam, giant inflatable boating, obstacle courses and parachute games! However, on their way to these challenges, they may be caught by a ‘bopper’, but can be saved by a ‘fairy’ who makes them do mini challenges so that they can be free. We all had a great night and will be remembered for a very long time!


Hope all is well with the family and friends of our campers!


Laura Stirling

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