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EVR Session 2 Comes To An End…

It is hard to believe that we are coming to the end of Session Two here at EVR… We have had a pretty exciting few days though.

Monday had us back on regular schedule again, everyone making up for lost ride time in the arena, and spending plenty of time down by the river at Waterfront.

We had a big thunderstorm on Monday night which really helped to break the heat and made everything much more bearable for horses and campers. But we didn’t let the rain get us down so we came inside the dining hall for Evening Program which was FLASH MOB – the girls learned a ton of new dance routines which soon turned into a crazy dance party with some pretty impressive dance moves.

Tuesday night was our Staff Demo, where the campers get to see their instructors ride (an EVR favorite). The staff showed off some drill team maneuvers and then we played a game called Transitions where the staff have to complete a task and the slowest person to do it is out. So if they had to circle with their horse then the last person to do it is out and has to stand in the middle of the arena, and the last person standing wins!

Yesterday was EAST PLUS WEST DAY. Where the girls from the West Valley – Mustang Village come over and play a giant game of ULTIMATE SICKO BALL with us. See smugmug later today for the latest pictures.

Today is the last full day of riding for the girls, and they will be saying goodbye to their horses, and tonight we will have our Closing Campfire, where we share our favorite moments and memories, sing songs and of course enjoy some S’Mores :).

Tonight is also the night that our girls that have been here for a month will perform their DRILL TEAM to the whole of camp… We’re very excited, and also super proud of them too.




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