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EVR: Session 2 is here!!

Welcome to Session 2’s Blog! Sorry it has taken so long, but we have been having so much fun with all our activities that have been going on.

On Sunday everybody got to know each other in their yurts, they got to see old friends and make new ones too!! Everybody had time to get to know each other, make bunk name signs and play name games. We had our opening campfire where we sang lots of campfire songs, and each yurt performed a skit to everybody else. It was so good to see everyone get so involved and you could tell hard work and effort had been but into the skits! We also had a talent show where we got to see singers, gymnasts, weird body contortions, and instrument players! Who knew we had such a talented bunch! ¬†We ended the night roasting marshmallows over the fire and eating yummy s’mores!

The girls have now been assigned their horses and are looking forward to getting to know them more and progress throughout their lessons. Today the girls will start their horseback riding lessons, learning the basics of riding western. We spend half the day in the barn, so when the girls are not riding, they will be in the barn classroom doing a ground lesson, today’s being horses around the world.

For the other half of the day the girls go to waterfront! Yesterday we went boating which was so much fun. The girls get the choice of going in a canoe or a funyak, or they can go fishing for newts and frogs! It is a great way to cool down.

We are incorporating one of Frost Valley’s Core Values into each day. Today’s core value is RESPECT. We find this fitting as we should respect one another, the horses, and the beautiful environment around us!





Laura Stirling

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