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EVR: To Neigh… Or Not To Neigh… That Is…Equestrian

Last night’s evening program was challenge night with Al at Farm Camp! We took a hayride over to the farm where we met new friends and took on different challenges! The challenges ranged from best counsellor impression, longest hula-hooper, weirdest noise, best dancer, and many many more! It was so nice to see all the girls get so involved and interacting with other campers from Frost Valley. We had such a fun and laughter filled night, and ended with an ice-cream party with all of our new farm camp friends!
Today has also been an awesome day! The girls are already learning so much in their horseback riding lessons. They have been learning about horse first aid in the barn, where they got to put what they learnt into practice by tending to a few cuts and scratches the horses had.
Today’s core value is CARING, which we have been able to put to the test during our really fun low ropes activity. The campers had to care for the person who is balancing on the rope, as well as trusting each other. The girls have also been looking after their horses by grooming them, tacking and un-tacking them, all of which create a closer bond between the two.
As well as going to waterfront, the girls also get to go creeking! They have enjoyed building the dam so much, they decided to build another one there! They also took fishing nets and some girls caught a few newts.
Tonight’s evening program is a Night hike and which the girls are all looking forward to. Look out for the photos being uploaded everyday!


Laura Stirling

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