3 canoes on lake cole

EVR Two-Week takes off galloping!

Yesterday we were all so excited for everyone to arrive and for session two of EVR to begin! Everybody moved into their yurts, got to see old friends and make new ones too! There were happy faces all around! Everyone got involved, sang songs and each yurt performed a skit to everybody – they were all so funny! We also had individual performances where the girls got to share their own talents. We got to see singers, as well as ukulele, guitar and violin players, which were all brilliant!!! As an EVR tradition, we each make a goal that we set ourselves and write down, so that we have something personal to work towards achieving. At the end of the session, at our closing campfire, we will get our goals out and share what we were each able to achieve! And of course, we finished the evening by making our own delicious S’MORES!!

This morning the girls begun there first full day, and love it already! Today was our evaluation day, which everybody was excited about because that means riding horses! Today was a chance for the girls to get into the saddle again, or for the very first time and see what it is like! This gives Megs an idea of which horse each camper would be best suited to for the session. The girls got to meet all of our horses and also learnt about how we groom, tack, lead and tie our horses!

This afternoon we played Sharks and Minnows, which is a game of speed or tactics, and the sharks have to catch the minnows, or they turn into seaweed! After this we took the girls swimming in the stream!! We also got to play Alaskan Baseball before dinner, which is a team game and also helps everyone to learn names and get to know everyone a little better! This evening we are playing Geronimo as our evening programme, and this is always a huge hit with the girls!!


Laura Stirling

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