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EVR – Weekend Fun!!

Friday was the 5th day of riding and the girls have really been able to get to know their horses well and are all doing so great in their lessons!! On Friday they learnt about horse vet care where they got to put what they learnt into practice by tending to a few cuts and scratches the horses had! We started Friday afternoon off with a game of Splat for everyone, which is a super fun game where everyone stands in a circle and goes around to ‘splat’ people, and they have to be quick enough to duck away from it. It’s a game of speed and excitement! We then had a range of games and activities the girls could chose and float between so that they got the chance to try everything!! We had Kan Jam, volleyball and dance to choose between! After this we then had the choice of yoga or kickball to suit the preference of an energetic or a more relaxed activity! For our evening programme we played Murder in the Basement, which involved everybody being given a card from a deck of cards, and if they received a King, then they were the murderer and had to make an X mark on somebody’s back. All of the girls walked around the room and had to ask everybody who was alive to find the dead person. They then worked in teams to figure out who was the murderer! The girls enjoyed their evening of mystery solving!!

Saturday was bareback day!! Which meant that all the girls got to ride a horse without a saddle and learn how to balance and control their horse without the support of a saddle! They loved it just as much! They also did a range of fun activities in rotations, which included show grooming, playing ‘ride that pony’ which is a song/ dance game, playing ladders and association games as well as replay races and obstacle courses!!!

We had a super secret evening activity for the girls: a Hollywood themed dance party!! This was a chance for the girls to show off all their new dance moves they learnt the day before! They all learnt the Hannah Montana Hoedown Throwdown, which everyone loved to dance to! The girls had the chance to design and decorate masks for the dance party, which they all wore in style when they got dressed up! We had an exciting awards ceremony, which all the girls got to vote for counsellors to receive different awards! A HUGE shout-out to all of the 4-week girls for decorating the best Hollywood themed dance party ever!!

On Sunday the girls got to sleep in and have a delicious brunch! Along with more commonly eaten brunch foods we had WAFFLES AND ICE-CREAM!!! Which of course, everyone loved, because that meant covering it all in your own choice of delicious toppings!! Sunday’s at EVR are theme days, which meant that after brunch we announced our theme for the day! A DECK OF CARDS!! Our whole day was based around being a set of cards – which meant that everyone was an individual card, so were parts of a suit and where a whole big team together too!! The day involved sorting challenges and games, and huge treasure hunt where the suits worked together to figure out clues and accomplish challenges to be able to get their clue and complete the treasure hunt! We also had a wacky water rotation for each of the teamed suits including: slip ‘n slide, dip dip drop, a water balloon pair toss, and a game of volleyball using water balloons and big sheets! On Sunday evening we all played a huge game of USB where the girls made USB history by merging teams and working together to collect the balls!

Everyone was excited to be back to our regular schedule after a fun weekend, because that means they get to ride their horse again!! The girls are now into their second week of camp – it’s going way too quickly!!! We’ve been busy riding our horses, learning about different horse careers and parts of the tack, as well as going swimming at waterfront, going on nature hikes and challenging themselves at low ropes!!

Last night’s evening programme was a challenge night with Al at the Farm!! All of the girls took a hayride over to farm camp where we met new friends and took on different challenges! The challenges ranged from weirdest body contortion, best counsellor impression, longest hula-hooper, strangest noise, best dancer, and many many more!! The evening was so much fun, and ended with a big ice-cream party with all of our new farm camp friends!!


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