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Facials, Bare back riding and flying!

Saturday was an awesome day for Mustang. Weekends run a little differently to the week days. Saturday started off with tie dye! The girls had fun tying up the many different forms of clothing they bought with them. Shirts, pillow cases, even socks. Then covering them in so many colors that you are going to see something super bright when they come home. After this we played water games at the barn! We played name games, egg toss, even a water balloon fight which was perfect for the super humid morning! Mustang even played a game of bowling with our new huge blow up bowling set. After lunch and rest hour it was back to the barn for bare back day! It’s an awesome way to feel how the horses move underneath them. Feeling how much their bodies stretch when they go around the corners and how high they bring their legs when stepping over poles. Mustang worked so hard to stay on without the support of their saddle. The mustang girls have great balance! We also got to have face paint at the barn as well as painting some of our horses! Poor Charlie our grey horse now is a light shade of green! After dinner it was time for the Wawayanda Dance! This was held on our hard courts and Filries field. We had music and games. The night was perfect for the girls to go and mingle with all their friends in the rest of the villages.
All camp! Every session Frost Valley does an all camp which is a huge day of activities in which the whole camp gets involved with. Sundays are also the horses day of so this is a great distraction from the barn. This sessions All Camp was A Small World! This is a day of learning about all the different countries and cultures that have come to work with us in Frost Valley. There was America stalls, Welsh stalls, British stalls, South African stalls, there were a lot. It’s great that we have a vast amount of staff to teach us these cultural differences. All the stalls were set up on Filries field and the campers had the freedom to go off and explore by themselves and having village check in’s every now and then! And when the sun finally settled, we got to see our July 4th fireworks! Some of the girls got up in front of the whole camp and performed songs or danced. As an all-rounder, I think they definitely enjoyed their all camp!
Monday! Can you believe we are in our second week?! Today was a little different as the girls split into two groups. One having natural facials and the other doing a rope element called the flying squirrel. And tomorrow they will flip flop and do the activity they didn’t do! Natural facials consists of them being able to use the ingredients we give them to make their own facemasks. Including cucumber, teabags, oatmeal, baking soda and natural yoghurt. They did have some funny faces! Flying squirrel is an element where you have a pull team and one person attached to the other end. When the pull team runs, it makes the person on the other end fly up into the trees! Lots of screams and smiling faces! This evening they had a lovely walk up to High Falls as they never made it last week! A beautiful little waterfall and a platform for the girls to get the best view. We like to do devotions with all the campers every night and tonight’s one was about who their role model is. It’s great to hear that it’s their friends, family and camp counselors that take that role! I think the girls are looking forward to doing the other activities tomorrow!


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