3 canoes on lake cole

Farm Camp

Can you believe it is already Thursday?! We have had another fun day at Farm Camp. The heat has finally started to subside and now we are just waiting for some rain to break the humidity.

Some of our homegrown foods today were eggs, arugula, lettuce, and radishes.

Some of our activities today:

Forestry art: creating woodsy art pieces out of sticks

Exercise: fun, silly, healthy!

Ethical barn debating: conversations about the treatment of barn animals.

Old-timer time: quite literally walking around camp and pretending to be old people!

Evening program: a game called Wells Fargo! Don’t worry… it has nothing to do with banking. It is a more complex version of Capture the Flag. Two teams, two banks, ten pieces of gold. The objective is to end up with more gold in your bank than the other team. The twist: everyone has socks hanging off their hips and members of the opposing team can steal your socks which means you have to sit down. The only way to become active again is by having a team member gift you a stolen sock.

Tomorrow we will be heading out on our overnights, weather permitting. Every camper will get to experience what it is like to hike, eat s’mores, and sleep under the stars!


(Today during waterfront)


Claire Greenwood

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