Farm Camp: a day about Industrial Farming, Overnights and Stories

Today was an exciting day for our farm camp because we all got the chance to learn a little bit more about industrial farming in America thanks to the Advanced Barn Specialty. The class made posters with facts and information about the consumption and raising of meat in the U.S.A for campers to read and learn more about!

We are so happy that we raise free-ranging and happy animals here at the Farm!

The girls hiked up to Pete’s Pavilion for their overnight tonight. The boys, with all of camp to themselves, had a BBQ and will have a late night story withe the famous Al Filreis!

After a night apart, we’er excited to have everyone together agin for our theme day tomorrow, which is a surprise!

Shine On,

Marissa Shadburn

Assistant Farm Camp Director


Marissa Shadburn

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