Farm Camp Goes…Jurassic!

Today we woke up to an incredible sight at Farm Camp…a meteor crashed next to the Dining Hall, and turned us all into Dinosaurs!

For a change of pace, today we had our Dinosaur theme day! This morning, campers used materials from the art barn to create their best Dinosaur looks. Then, campers went through a rotation of activities including: a Dinosaur obstacle course, archery, mortal noodle and more! This afternoon, campers raced around camp to make the best Dinosaur treats (popcorn) with many different types of toppings. We tasted s’mores popcorn, honey popcorn and even chipotle spice popcorn! Tonight, campers will save the last of the dinosaur eggs by going on a scavenger hunt quest to find them. An important mission to save the dinosaurs, which we’re also expecting will be plenty of fun!

Yesterday, campers signed up for new specialty activities. As always, campers will be going into the barn and garden, but this week campers will also make musical instruments, learn survival skills and even do some creative writing!

We can’t believe there are only two days left of the summer, we can’t wait to keep on playing through them!


Build Strong,

Marissa Shadburn

Assistant Farm Camp Director


Marissa Shadburn

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