Farm Camp Session Four

It has been a great few days at farm camp. We wrapped up our specialties on Friday and dove into an exciting weekend.

Saturday: Theme day. The theme: THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. Campers did an array of different activities including a popcorn making contest, pie throwing, animal expo, caramel apple making, face paint, and costume making. The day wrapped up with a movie night… we watched The Greatest Showman, if you couldn’t guess.

Sunday: Harvest Day. We got a late start and began our day with brunch. Then we spent the day cooking in our yurt groups using different foods from the farm. The menu:

-Vegetable fritters (farm ingredients: zucchini, carrots, squash, onions, egg, garlic, chives)

-‘Squashos’- tacos that use hollowed out squash as the taco shell (farm ingredients: squash, chives, onions, garlic, beef)

-Cheesy potato casserole (farm ingredients: potatoes, green beans)

-Kale chips (farm ingredients: kale)

-Cabbage soup (farm ingredients: cabbage, onion, celery)

-Cornbread (farm ingredients: corn)

We setup tables out on the lawn and enjoyed a banquet style feast as a whole camp. Such a great way to wrap up the weekend!


Today campers sign up for their new specialties and resume the normal schedule. The specialties this week:



-Cultural Appreciation: learning about the different places that many of our staff come from

-Shrek: from earwax candles to ogre training, this is bound to be a great course

-Dance: they will choreograph a performance for closing campfire

-Mural: painting a wall in our arts & crafts building

-Clothing: anything from sewing on patches to tye-dye

-Grossology: making slime and playing in the mud and such

-Music: more than your average jam session, this crew will be performing at closing campfire


Hope you all are having a great Monday!


(Photo: hungry & happy camper with a plate full of farm fresh deliciousness!)


Claire Greenwood

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