Farm Camp Session Three

Cannot believe it is already the middle of week one! We have been having such a good time here at Farm Camp.


Some of the activities over the last few days:

Goat washing: even goats need baths

Team-building: a series of games involving strategy and communication

Tree hugging and appreciation: going out into the woods and exploring the trees around us

Goatstacle courses: building obstacle courses for the animals using cardboard and plywood

Berry picking: we have SO MANY raspberries that need harvesting

Candle making: crock pots, string, and wax… what more do you need

Mouse house building: exactly as it sounds, minus real mice

Pond exploration: so many newts and frogs to see


Last night for evening program we played a game called Wells Fargo. It has nothing to do with banking and is essentially Capture the Flag with a twist. Two teams, two banks, ten pieces of gold. Instead of having a place where people have to wait if they get tagged, people hang socks or bandanas from their waist, and members of the opposite team are able to pull the socks in lieu of tagging. If your sock gets pulled, you have to sit out until a member of your team comes and gives you a different stolen sock.


(Photo: campers during a game called boppers!)




Claire Greenwood

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