Farm Camp Session Two

Question: What did the mama cow say to the baby cow?

The first full day of camp is over already!! It was packed full of new activities and new friendships. We learned about the day to day of Farm Camp life. Flag raising, waterfront, yurt clean up, camper’s choice activity, and so much more… the campers are experts after today.

Campers also chose specialties for the week. Some of their options:

Barn: spending time in and around the barn and learning anything from how to build a goat obstacle course to the inner workings of a cow’s stomach!

Garden: Spending time in the garden and doing numerous activities to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the garden. Today, they tested the soil’s pH levels!

Outdoor Living Skills: All about how to enjoy nature while leaving minimal impact. From fire building to water sources, they’ll be experts by the end.

Model Crafting: Using Styrofoam, plywood, modge-podge, and a number of other materials, this group will build a castle designed from imagination.

80’s Workout: That’s right… channeling Richard Simmons to stay active and have fun! They will be working out with an awesome soundtrack.

Sports & Games: Another great way to stay active and practice good sportspersonship.

Junior Space Cadets: Obviously, this group will be travelling to the moon.

Tonight’s all-camp evening program: Ladder Ball. This game involves two teams who have to defend their ladder, which has a ball perched on top of it. Simultaneously, the teams are attempting to knock the opposing team’s ball off the ladder, by throwing balls at it. (Don’t worry, we have people making sure the ladder doesn’t fall over).



(Photo: Garden Specialty)


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