Farm Camp Session Two

What a wonderful Wednesday!

Today we had perfect weather. Not too hot, not too cloudy, not too windy.

Some of today’s activities:

Cable bridge hangout: walking across the cable bridge, bonding, talking about the environment.

Soccer: or football… depending on which staff member you ask!

Goat cuddling: pretty cute, pretty self-explanatory.

Berry picking: our raspberries are ready and we can hardly keep up! Over the last two days we have harvested over EIGHTY POUNDS! And we are not even halfway done…

Fun moment/ shoutout: Yurt One has dining hall chores today. This means that after every meal they stay behind to help sweet and tidy up the dining hall. We often play music during this time. Yurt One requested ABBA so of course we gave them Dancing Queen and all of the sudden we had eight sweeping queens! They had so much fun dancing around with their brooms and really embracing the spirit of camp.

Tonight’s program: CHALLENGE NIGHT! EVR, (East Valley Ranch, Frost Valley’s equestrian camp), will take a hayride down to the farm and the two camps will come together to engage in this awesome event. Long-time Farm Camp friend, Al, will bring a group of judges and he will facilitate tonight! Challenges will include balloon popping, hula hooping, impersonating counselors, and so much more!

We hope you are well and having as much fun as we are!

(Photo: Yurt One, after their musical performance)


Claire Greenwood

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