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Farm Camp Week 2

Saturday at the farm:


We had an all-camp theme day. This session’s theme was Sun Festival. The day was prefaced with a story about tension between a rain goddess and a sun goddess. Our mission as a camp was to help the sun goddess spread joy and not let the rain goddess negatively influence her. The morning was spent doing different rotations such as slip n’ slide, boating, smoothie making, dance party, and outdoor games. Every camper had a chance to participate in all the different stations. In the afternoon we played a game called Popcorn King where teams had to solve riddles and not be caught by the rain goddess in order to obtain enough supplies to make popcorn to impress the sun goddess. By the end of the game the campers had created so many impressive flavors to showcase. Some examples were chili chocolate, s’mores popcorn, maple butter popcorn, and spicy cinnamon popcorn. Who knew popcorn flavors could have so much variety! The day ended with a big dance.


Sunday at the farm:


Sundays are all about community at the farm. All the campers came together to cook a big family meal. Each yurt was assigned a different dish. We utilize as much as we can from our garden and we use farm beef. This session the dishes included squash puffs, potato fritters, cauliflower buns, burgers, sautéed swiss chard, kale chips, bread with garden herbs, kale salad, and raspberry cookies.


Wrapping Up Session 2


Farm camp has had such a wonderful and busy week. From hay riding to East Valley Ranch for an equestrian demonstration to waking up at 3am for a sunrise hike, the kids seem to have done so many amazing activities. The specialties this week were: barn, garden, cooking, stealth games, Brexico (two of our international staff members came together to teach campers about their cultures), dancing, and hiking.


It is hard to believe that session 2 is almost over and the summer is nearly halfway finished. Tonight we will wrap our session with closing campfire and campers will have a chance to perform and share happy memories from the session.


Nicki Macy

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