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Farm Overnights

Week one is going great. The sun is shining and we are taking every opportunity possible to stay outside. Last night we had an outdoor barbecue which featured beets and potatoes from the garden and our own farm beef. The amount of campers who ate and enjoyed beets was very impressive!

After the barbecue, yurts six and seven left for their overnight. They hiked to a site called Ladleton, which is tucked away in the woods and has remnants of stone walls that existed many years ago.  They got to practice outdoor living skills by putting up tarps and building a fire.

Yurts one, two, four, five, and eight joined the girls from East Valley Ranch (Frost Valley’s equestrian camp), and participated in challenge night. Challenge night is a Frost Valley tradition and it consists of a variety of different challenges ranging from “smelliest shoe” to “best look alike pair” and much more.

This morning ran as normal. The boys returned at breakfast and everyone went to specialty. After specialty, camper’s choice activities included jewelry making and boating.

This afternoon, the girls prepared for their overnight, packing supplies for pita pizzas and s’mores! They are all going together to a place that Frost Valley calls Pete’s Pavilion. They will get to experience an incredible view of all the nearby mountains.

(Yurt one campers sporting their handmade jewelry!)




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