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Farm Session 4

Greetings from Farm camp! This week we welcomed around 50 brand new smiling faces to the farm! We started session 4 off with an opening campfire where we got to see many songs, skits, and talents put on by the campers and counselors.

This morning (and everyday) our campers wake up at 6:15am and head out to do chores before breakfast! They help the farm run by mucking the barn, collecting the eggs, feeding our animals, or setting up for meals in the dining hall.

Then, after breakfast, the campers have their specialty classes! These are activities that the campers will participate in every day for the whole week. This week they get to choose from barn, garden, hiking, sculpting, space camp, blacksmithing, and more!

Today, in addition to specialties, they got to go play in the creek to cool off on this warm day, repaint the barn sign, play kickball, goat yoga, and much more.

This session has had an amazing start and we are excited to see what adventures and fun the campers and staff bring! Stay tuned later this week for more information on all the fun things going on at the farm!


Kasey Burns

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