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From a Mom’s perspecitve (part 1)

This past winter, I asked if I could volunteer at farm camp for one week this summer.  After several emails, a weekend visit in the spring with my sister to work with John Chartier at the “farm” and a second weekend visit for orientation, my week has finally come.

John asked me if I’d write a farm blog (from a Mom’s perspective) during my week at the farm.  While I’ve never blogged, I thought I’d give it a try—it’s just the FV way.  Try it out, give it your best.  It’s a perfect opportunity for me to “create” my own FV magic and witness the commitment to kids and family, amazing stamina and organization, unbridled joy and play, confidence and self-reliance and learning by doing. 

As a Mom of veteran FV campers, I’ve wrangled with registration and the “forms”, shopped-organized-packed according to the list, evidenced the transformation of the school year child to the camper through the photo site, blogs and over weekend breaks and heard amazing stories from my kids and their fellow campers.  Within minutes of my arrival (second week of second session), I was most impressed with the strong sense of community, teamwork, organization and a focus on activity, hydration health and safety.  The magic of FV seems to flow once you step out of the car

Got to go now, off to the garden.  ~J



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