Frost Valley Firewood: Why we supply our own, and how we do it sustainably.


Most of our guests at Frost Valley will enjoy a fire at some point during their visit. Whether it is an outdoor campfire with s’mores and hot dogs, or sitting by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa, that firewood has to come from somewhere. Fortunately for Frost Valley, we have a local and sustainable source for firewood. It all comes from right here on our property. Our need for firewood doesn’t stop with the guests. Several of our staff residences are heated by wood-burning central boilers or wood stoves and our maple sugaring program uses a wood fired evaporator to cook maple sap into tasty syrup. Frost Valley has over  5500 acres of forested land. Under thoughtful management, this land can continue to provide us with firewood indefinitely.

As an organization, we strive to educate the public about proper forest management. Many people hear the word “logging” and have an immediate negative response. This is completely understandable, especially when considering all that we are constantly hearing about ongoing deforestation of rainforests and destruction of wildlife habitats around the globe. All of these environmental injustices are due to irresponsible logging practices. The fact is, logging doesn’t always mean deforestation. The vast majority of all logging within our area of the world involves careful selection and removal of specific trees while still leaving a standing forest behind when the job is done. In fact, responsible logging can actually improve the overall health of the forest and greatly increase wildlife habitat. This is good news, because when it comes to the management of our forests, our number one goal is to foster a thriving ecosystem.

Look for PART 2, HOW WE DO IT SUSTAINABLY, later this month!


Dan DeChellis

Growing up in his home state of Pennsylvania, Dan acquired a love of the outdoors at an early age. He is the Natural Resources and Environmental Science Coordinator at Frost Valley. Throughout his time at Frost Valley, Dan has worn many hats and developed a deep connection with the land. He is thrilled to be part of the management and stewardship of the place he has grown to love.

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