Frost Valley’s annual summer meeting

Each summer we hold our “annual summer meeting” — a combination of trustee meeting, Hall of Fame induction, luncheon for friends, presentations by campers and staff. Some 130 people gathered under the tent on Saturday afternoon. Two of the Hall of Fame inductees, Joy and Chuck White, both now alas deceased, drew a great many former co-workers, family and friends from near and far (daughter Rebecca came from France; several folks from the west US coast). So many spent the whole weekend in the area that we decided to have a party on Friday night. It was a great reunion. Here are various photos of the gatherings.

The trustees gather after their business meeting.
Left to right: Tom Holland, Peggy Hope, Jim Vaughan.
Left to right: Peggy Hope, Doug Tompkins, Ellen Rutan.
Misty Avinger, CIT, talks about her Frost Valley experience.
Sue Ettelman and Mark Showers.
Liz and Rebecca, daughters of Chuck & Joy White – with the Barrackses. Warren Barrack was a close friend of the Whites when they lived Willingboro, NJ.
Mike Ketcham presents the Hall of Fame plaque to Leslie Black and Chuck & Joy White’s daughters, Rebecca and Elizabeth.
Leslie Black and Laurie Cobb.
Kazumi, Andrew and Jackie.
John O’Brien (left) with Rick Cobb.
John Butler and his wife Harini.
Jim Vaughan.
Bob Haines accepts induction into the Hall of Fame from Jim Vaughan.
Ellen Rutan, Anne Marie Kremer, Jerry Huncosky.
Barb Hale and Anne Marie Kremer.
Amy Melican and Bill Baker.
Bill Clarke and Paula Brown.
Bonnie Hess Hirschmann and Bill Hirschmann.
From left: Jacqueline Dundorf Kremer (who once was the VC of Sacky), John Kremer (who did many things at camp, including maintenanc–and met Jacqueline at camp), Bud Cox, and Rebecca White Bordonado (daughter of Chuck and Joy White).
Carolyn Shelburne and Phyllis Kaskel
Doug Tompkins, Rick Cobb and Dave Allen.
Kazumi Fish (this summer’s VC of Windsong) with her grandparents, Tatsuo and Emiko Honma, founders of the Frost Valley-Tokyo Partnership.
Cathy McFarland Harvey presents the Hall of Fame plaque to Hunter Corbin.
Hunter Corbin and his family.
Jackie Manginelli and Kazumi Fish.

Al Filreis and his former camper Kyoko Honma, now Kyoko Fish and mom of two staff members.
Rick Cobb, once VC of Adventure Village (“Sequoia”) tours the Bud Cox Trip Center and hangs out with the 2017 Adventure staff, including Max (in tie-die shirt) who is Rick’s successor’s successor’s successor’s etc. successor as VC of Adventure Village.
Some of the former FV staff after breakfast at the Claryville Fire Station.
Hannah Filreis & Kyoko Fish.
One of the many Schiffers (Danielle) with Carolyn Shelburne. Danielle and her husband Pete now live in Claryville.
Shawn and DeQuan meet the legendary Lenape counselor, Mark Showers.
Three of the Schiffer children with mom – and Carolyn Shelburne.
Toby Hettler (son of Bill Hettler and Lolly Cutler Ketcham) and his son.


Al Filreis

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