Fun Family Activities in the Catskills!

Our experienced and caring instructors are happy to provide a variety of programs and activities during Family Camp.  If you need a break from your itinerary or  to clear your minds, get people moving or simply try a new experience, we have many options.


Test your bulls-eye skills by using a bow and arrow. Our trained staff take you through the steps to become an expert archer. We even have an indoor range, making this camp tradition available all year long.

Arts & Crafts (additional fees may apply)

Your creative side opens up with a variety of activities here at Frost Valley. Our instructors will help you make crafts including candles, decoupage, tie dye, upcycled crafts, and many seasonal projects.


Come meet all of our Family Camp staff and sing some camp songs around the fire at CIT Point. S’mores will be provided for all!

Evening Programs

A night at Frost Valley isn’t complete without more fun programming, including Bingo, the Observatory, a campfire, Trivia, a Night Hike, Hayrides, Floor Hockey, or Family Feud! 

Family Follies and Slide Show

Every year we share the photos of the week for everyone in the dining hall. Please submit your photos by Thursday morning to get them into the show tonight. Family Follies is a talent show for all guests 16 and over, or family groups with at least 1 adult in the group performing. You can sign up in the dining hall to participate. We hope to see you there!

Greenhouse Programs

Learn about gardening, try your hand at planting, and learn about Frost Valley’s very own aquaponics system.

Healthy Home Kitchen

Visit our teaching kitchen and create a healthy dish. From chips and salsa to apple turnovers, we’re always creating something new and delicious, and you’ll learn all about the health benefits in each recipe.

High Ropes Programs

We offer both an indoor and outdoor climbing wall, so this program is offered all year. Seasonally, we offer the Flying Squirrel for participants under 12 and the Zipline, High Ropes, Leap of Faith, and Giant Swing for participants over age 12. Sign up ahead to reserve a spot!


No weekend at Frost Valley is complete without taking a hike down one of our many trails. Visit High Falls or Brother’s Hole, search for Sasquatch, or cross a cable bridge, all led by our experienced Frost Valley staff.

Japanese Culture Sharing  

Japanese Culture Sharing includes three workshops highlighting different Japanese art forms. These workshops will take place in our Friendship House, built in honor of our friendship with the Tokyo YMCA. This house is a traditional Japanese building decorated by the Honma family, founders of the Tokyo-Frost Valley YMCA partnership. Many of the Japanese traditions that are a part of Frost Valley today are thanks to the Honma family’s contributions. Learn about this year’s events!

Map and Compass

Learn to use a compass to navigate your way through the “forever wild” Catskill Preserve with the help of our highly trained staff. 

Outdoor Living Skills

Learn how to survive in the wild by mastering the skills of building a fire, creating outdoor shelter, packing a bag for a camping trip, and more necessary skills needed for conquering the outdoors!


The rodeo is a fun afternoon watching the equestrian staff show you all that our wonderful horses have to offer. There will be pole bending races, barrel racing, a 16 person drill team performance to music and audience participation games with prizes! 

Stretch and Relaxation

Enter a serene state of meditation in a peaceful natural setting. Reconnect your body, mind, and spirit.

Square Dance

Join us in Margetts for a Square Dance for all! You don’t need to know how to dance to join in the fun. Our caller mixes traditional music with popular new music.

Toddler/Preschool Programs

Allow your wee ones to enjoy Frost Valley at their level with programs just for them. Special crafts, hikes, and stuffed buddies are just a few of our program options.

Wood Shop

Learn how to create a special project out of Frost Valley wood. We have projects for ages 8 and up, including walking sticks, tic-tac-toes boards, and Jacob’s Ladders.

YMCA World Service Auction

Bring gently used items, or just join in the fun! Our annual auction benefits the YMCA World Service Fund, and every year we auction off items for all ages. Items purchased can be added to your house account, and kids are welcome to join in the fun as well!

Youth Group Camp-Out

Sign up with the Youth Group Staff to play games, make banana boats, and sleep under the stars! All children under age 12 are invited to sign-up, but spaces are limited!

Youth Talent Show

Similar to Family Follies, but for kids only, this talent show will be held in the dining hall and is open to all youth 15 and younger. Kids can perform solo or in groups. We hope to see you there to cheer everyone on!