Indoor Internet Stations During Your Stay*

Frost Valley now offers indoor internet workstations for our guests who need internet for work purposes and do not have access at their lodging. The stations will be in the Day Room (located at the Thomas Dining hall).  Stations must be reserved prior to your visit.  This space will be limited to 6 individuals/workstations in the room at a time. Each workstation will be assigned to a single reservation for their entire stay.  Any individual from that family may use this space during their stay, but each station will be limited to a single user.

*Unfortunately, internet stations are not available at East Valley Ranch. The satellite wifi that exists there is too weak to accomplish much at this location, so it is a much more “unplugged” experience with extremely limited wifi usage.


Social distancing: Workstations/tables will be arranged in a way to assure 6 feet or more between one another. A separate entrance and exit each will be available to ensure guests are not entering and exiting through the same door at the same time.

Face Coverings: For families/individuals who reserve a workstation, enter the room wearing a face covering until seated at the designated station.  Once situated, guests may remove their mask and safely store it at their station. At any point a guest needs to get up, face coverings will again be required as they move about the room.

Sanitation: Each work station will be provided with an EPA approved sanitizer and some paper towels to keep the work area sanitized. The work station must be wiped down after each use.  This room will only be open during business hours.  Please be advised that those who have reserved these workstations will not have access to any bathrooms in the Dining Hall, so please plan accordingly.