Anti-Bullying Program Encourages Positive Values

No Room for Bullying! 

Bullying—involving repetitive physical, verbal, and emotional abuse—is a widespread problem in the United States, negatively affecting nearly 13 million children each year. Even more, children play roles in starting or stopping the behavior. Others simply don’t know what to do—they are scared, confused, and subject to intense peer pressure. Young kids are constantly in the process of developing their ideas, exploring their own identities, and trying on different roles. They are impressionable.

We worked hard to develop No Room for Bullying!  Students really respond to Frost Valley YMCA’s approach to reducing bullying which focuses on teaching and providing examples of positive values in action, and encouraging children, in their daily lives, to do more for others. When, together, they embrace the values of respect, inclusiveness, honesty, responsibility, stewardship, and diversity, they create caring and community—there is no more room for bullying.