Bring your troop for Fall in the Catskills

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Frost Valley YMCA is proud to support Scouts BSA in its effort to build character, train young people in the responsibilities of citizenship, and develop personal fitness. We provide the perfect environment for challenging your scouts to reach new heights.  This fall weekend includes the following activities to help work towards their Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Rank Requirements.Register Online Long Button

  • Tigers work on Games Tigers Play, Backyard Jungle, Tigers in the Wild, Tiger Tag, and Sky is the Limit
  • Wolves work on Call of the Wild, Paws in the Path, Finding Your Way, Howling at the Moon, and Spirit of the Water.
  • Bears work on Roaring Laughter, Forensics, and Fur, Feathers, and Ferns.
  • Webelos work on the Castaway Elective, Into the Woods Elective, and the Camper portion of the Arrow of Light.

This Year’s Dates Found Here!

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