School Students Build Strong Bonds

The Frost Valley YMCA Team building Program plays a major role in developing cohesion among school groups. Through large and small group games, cooperative activities, problem-solving challenges, and building trust activities, students have the opportunity to come to know themselves and their peers in a new way. Team building is ideally suited for building confidence, encouraging positive behaviors, and growing young leaders. When combined with high and low challenge courses, ziplines and campfires with S’mores, a visit to Frost Valley can be the experience of a lifetime.

School Groups Program Options

Traditional Team Building
The goal for these groups is to move forward along the spectrum of being an effective team.  Some groups will know each other, some will not.  Some groups will have shared experiences previously, some will not.  Each team building facilitator will plan activities that will allow them to evaluate the needs of the group and then move them forward.

Have We Met?
This fun filled day of games and sharing will bring smiles and knowing looks when you go back home.  Animal imitations, noodle duels, and describing your life with only your hands are only a few of the kinds of activities that will help you relax and get to know each other experientially.

Large Group Activity Days
Is it time to let off steam and share great times?  This program is designed for groups who want to have fun and get away to the woods.  Huge games like Needle and Thread Tag, Moon Ball, and Turnstile interspersed with quiet walks by the water and wobbling your way across a cable bridge or being challenged on the ropes course provide the foundation for laughter, discussion and memories.

Can I Trust You?
Overcome those second thoughts about those you spend hours and hours with in class, at work, or playing sports.  Our facilitators will guide you through exercises to challenge you to take care of each other, give meaningful feedback, and truly rely on each other.

Plays Well With Others
Here is an opportunity to play cooperatively, solve problems and challenges, and have fun.  Relax, play and then explore what worked and what can be applied elsewhere to improve the spirit of cooperation in every venue in your life – work, school, sports, with friends, and within your family.

Ropes Courses

The Frost Valley YMCA challenge courses include over two dozen high and low elements. Experienced facilitators guide participants through challenges that include developing personal climbing skills, working with a partner on paired activities, making the commitment of jumping into space, pulling together to give peers a thrill, and having a good time. Participants are encouraged to push their limits, but the final decision is always left with the individual. Settings range from zipping off the big ‘Y’ tower to elements tucked away in the trees or near beautiful flowing streams. The depth and range of the activities assures groups will experience the appropriate challenge for their stage of development, meeting their particular goals.