Spirit, Mind, and Body Workshops and Classes JUST for Women


We have put together a great class lineup (below) for you this year including old favorites such as yoga and pottery, or you can check out special new classes such as a wine education course and tasting. There will also be several Frost Valley staff-led activities for you to join in such as hikes, arts & crafts, archery and rock climbing offered throughout the weekend.


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Preview of Classes and Activities during Women’s Wellness 2020:

  • Glass Etching – Terry James
  • Massage – Elenora Cage
  • Pottery – Heather Caufield
  • Self-MassageMyra Howard, LMT
  • Meditation – Rifka Kreiter
  • Morning Exercise – Angel Ortloff
  • Massage Therapist – Claudia Ross
  • Watercolor Painting – Sharon Suess
  • Wine Education and Tasting – Nancy Tisch
  • Writing For Personal Growth – Emily Harrison
  • Yoga – Kate Lynch, Cheryl McKereghan
  • Zentangle – Priscilla DiConti

More classes to be announced!


2020 Class Descriptions:

Priscilla DeConti, CZT, RN

ZENTANGLE – Anything is possible one stroke at a time.

Zentangle is a meditative method of creating images by using easy-to-learn patterns drawn by focusing on single strokes one at a time. You will learn the 8 steps of the method and some basic simple patterns.  Founded by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, it has been found to stimulate creativity, improve focus, enhance current skills, develop new skills, change mood, decrease stress, increase confidence, and create beauty.  Supplies provided.


Myra Howard, LMT


There is nothing quite like a professional massage, but when you can’t get to your favorite massage therapist you can still enjoy the benefits through “self-massage”. Self-massage can be the answer for many people; low on cash, self-conscious or sensitive to touch – it enables you to address problem areas at your convenience. By learning a few massage techniques in this class, you can relieve sore and tired muscles, improve circulation and relax after a long stressful day.  If you have close-fitting clothes that is good, but not at all necessary.


Terry James


During this activity, you will learn how to create your own customized glass.  Using a very simple and easy technique, you can customize a glass object that says a little bit about yourself and looks great, too!


Rifka Kreiter


For Beginners and Experienced Meditators. In our sessions we’ll experiment with a variety of meditation practices, cultivating an attitude of radical acceptance with the intention that each participant will dive deep into the subtle inner source of renewal, well-being and peace.


Kate Lynch


Nurture yourself with a gentle yoga class that uses a chair for support. You don’t have to get up and down from the floor. The poses are done while sitting on or holding onto a chair. I offer variations, so you can practice comfortably and safely with physical challenges. The gentle movements encourage better circulation and the standing poses with the support of the chair help you build bone density. Awaken areas of your body that have been inactive, strengthen your muscles and calm your mind with this gentle flowing practice. The class is open to all levels of students, including absolute beginners.


Cheryl McKereghan


A slow relaxed pace with an emphasis on safe alignment, breath connection, and focused body awareness.  A sequence of postures to include increased flexibility, strength, balance, range of motion and the stilling of the mind.  My goal is to leave students with the feeling that they’ve just had a full body massage.  Relaxed, energized, and rejuvenated.


Angel Ortloff, LMT


This is a unique and fun morning exercise class that gives you a new
experience of connection with yourself and others. It is gentle and creative,
and uses light heart-shaped weights (HEART®) and Smart Bells®, that are
tailored for both individual alignment and group flow and coordination. The
work is designed to revitalize your inner energy (chi), and also address the
physical issues, such as tightness and strain that can arise from our use of
our phones, our computers and the effects from prolonged sitting. In this
work, once you feel grounded and connected to yourself, the partner and
group choreography will help you “let go” and feel the healing power of
being and connecting in a flow state. For all ages and fitness levels. Angel
is a certified Smart Bells instructor. Come relax and play.


Sharon Suess


Sharon has been teaching this watercolor class since the inception of WWW. She was formerly the graphic designer for Frost Valley before she retired in 2008. She still does freelance design, and now has more time for painting, drawing and other creative endeavors.


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