Hey all this is John with the latest from Farm Camp.  The last couple days have been nothing short of amazingness.  On Friday afternoon we ventured up to Pete’s Pavilion for an overnight on one of the most beautiful nights ever.  Everyone was really silly and part of the group even got the opportunity to help out moving around some hay bales.   Mention sleeping bag sledding and giggles fill the air! 

Saturday was a return trip and finding some creative ways to keep cool as it was a bit hot out.  In the evening we played capture the flag and several of us had grass stains to prove that we were all in.  Sunday morning is our “sleep-in” morning and everyone was thankful to get a little extra rest.  In the afternoon we had various forms of water games to help out with the heat again.  Yesterday several campers were saying that they couldn’t believe that there are only a few days of the session left.

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