Answer- The rope wasn’t tied to anything.


The girls have their horses!! Yesterday at breakfast, the girls found out what horse they would be riding for the rest of their time here. They all were taught the basics of how we ride our Frost Valley Horses. The horses listen to us by using voice commands, such as kisses and clicks, rather than kicking them to ask them to go. We try to get the girls to spend half of the day at the barn. After their riding lessons, the girls to a ground lesson. This is when they are taught a lesson in the barn whether it be about breeds and colors of a horses, gaits and footfalls and so on. Yesterdays lesson was horses around the world. Maybe the girls will write to you and tell you about their horse and what part of the world they are from! While not at the barn, the girls were doing team building activities, in hopes that they would gain the skills of how important it is to work as a team, and build leadership like qualities. Both very important when it comes to working with horses and running a barn- where communication is key! The girls also took a hayride down to the farm where they went boating. The girls love to go in the kayaks and canoes, and also love to fish for frogs and newts. Last night for our evening program we are played a game called Boppers. This is a camp favorite for many. The girls need to run away from the “Boppers” but if caught, can be saved by a “Fairy” ( a counselor dressed up in any random fancy outfit they can find). While running away from the Boppers the teams need to complete a certain amount of challenges. The first team to complete all the challenges WINS!

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