Yesterday was a very rainy day on the farm, but the kids didn’t seem to mind! All the campers spent the afternoon together in the dining hall and at each picnic table there was a cluster of excited kids talking and playing away. Campers participated in all sorts of indoor activities, including friendship bracelet- making, crocheting, fire building (in our fireplace), chess, Risk, Jenga, drawing, cards, and more. Even though we were all stuck inside, everyone had a wonderful day getting to know each other!

This morning, campers soaked up the sun and played all over camp. Many kids helped out with various tasks, including taking one of our Alpaca’s for a walk and planting basil that will eventually be made into pesto. Everyone is happy the sun is finally out!

Walking the Alpaca!

Walking the Alpaca!


Meticulously planting basil.



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