It’s officially the start of SECOND SESSION!!! Yes, and that means some more amazing adventures here at the Farm! Move-In day went smoothly and it was great to see all the happy faces! We had a great first campfire and I was even more energized by all the smiles, laughter and new friendships that were started right away! This session we are starting a new buddy system among the campers – pairing a returning camper with a new camper. They will have this buddy to go to for questions, advice, concerns or just to have another friend to sit with at meals. We’re trying to foster a community outside of the yurts across all of Farm Camp and this is already looking like it is going to have a great impact on all the campers!

Today was the official start of all of our new habits… from chores in the barn, flag raising, graces at meals, first classes in the morning, rest time (woot woot), swimming/boating, yurt rotations and then archery with camper choice today! Even after all this fun we finished up the day after chores playing a camp-wide game of Messages to Garcia and everyone was running around trying to steal messages from other teams while delivering specific messages to the counselors spread around our main facilities.


Tomorrow we keep up the creativity in the classes, a new set of chores and learning skills in yurt rotations and our famous Challenge Night! I’m going to be updating the smug-mug account for photos tomorrow evening so the last of the session 1 photos as well as the start of session 2 photos will be available to see online. Again, the link to see those photos is : and you can email John at for the password if you haven’t already received that. (Check your welcome letter if you still have it for a reminder).

Take care & can’t wait to share more epic moments from this second session!!!



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