Firstly we would like to apologize for the lack of blogging yesterday… We had such a busy day with the girls, there was no time!

So to fill you in… Sunday night’s barn dance was a huge hit with all the campers and the staff too! We learned all kinds of new dances and routines as well as the concluding round of our stick pony rodeo! All the girls won rosettes for their efforts and had a great time on Western Day at EVR!

Unfortunately yesterday’s rain ended our heatwave up here in the mountains and meant that some of the girls had limited ride time. However, this did not stop us from having a great day anyway… We had craft time in the morning and then we did sports/board games for the afternoon. Evening program was an extra special one yesterday as Jennie (our director) came over and spent the evening with the girls! They had a great night making posters and watching movies in their PJ’s… As it was one of our staff member’s 20th Birthday (Tiny Kleiny), the girls were allowed to stay up a little bit later to end the day’s celebrations with her :).

Now on to today’s activities! This morning the sun came out and EVR was back in the normal routine… Yurt 5 wrangled the horses in to the barn this morning and after breakfast Barrel Racer’s came down to the barn to have an extended arena lesson to make the most of the sunshine! The Buckin’ Bronc’s spent the morning learning about feed and nutrition and then participated in some awesome games and sports until lunch time.

This afternoon the Buckin’ Bronc’s will ride for the afternoon and then turn their horses out to rest for the night. The Barrel Racer’s will spend the afternoon on ground lessons.


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