SAM_0277We got hit with a nice couple inches of rain.  Our mountain day was conquered (not easily).  We started our cooking fires with damp wood.  That was a good challenge for the campers.  We had a delightful dinner.  Today we started our overnight in the dense forest.  But first, the campers indulged in a snack that Bear himself would have loved.  We will sleep in shelters that we build for ourselves with only natural materials.  Tomorrow we will bushwack our way through to our dynamic rescue point.  The photo was taken immediately before the campers started into the “off trail” overnight journey.  Spirits are high, the campers are becoming quite the awesome team.  They will need to rely on each other for the remainder of this trek.  The smiles keep getting bigger.  Check out more photos of Bear Grylls Teen Survival Camp – week 6 at:


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