Adventure Village has been running, jumping, climbing and mountain boarding and they just can’t get enough.  I just got back in from hiking into their campsite on the top of Wildcat Mountain at a site called Ladleton.   100 years ago it was a thriving mountain top community whose specialty was making ladles, now it is a few square miles of rock walls and abandoned foundations along with great views of the stars and fields of blueberries.  It’s about a 3 mile hike to the site and at the top the boys all had grins on their faces and if it weren’t for their love of chicken fajitas, they just might have kept going.  

Russell, Jordan and Preston worked together to ignite a great campfire that made some of the best s’mores I’ve  seen, and evidently each fire gets the honor of a name.  Tonight, it was “Paco the fifth”.  I can’t tell if they are all “Paco” and this was just the fifth of the long line of fires this session, or if “the fifth” just gave this particular fire a sense of legacy, but I am determined to find out and am waiting anxiously to sit around a fire with them tomorrow to find out.

I have some great pictures that are stuck in a camera whose cord has decided to hide from me, but I will find another one and have some pictures up soon. 


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