Today was our All-Camp theme day!  We travelled back in time to the Colonial Period and had so much fun participating in various colonial farm activities!

We did colonial games and sports, cooking exploration, butter making, weaving and spinning, candle making, hay rides, parchment making, blacksmithing, gardening, quill making and writing, tea etiquette and more!  We learned so many new skills and had a blast exploring what it was like to be on a farm in colonial times!

After we made all of our items and learned everything, we spent the evening in our colonial town, bartering and trading our items with each other and for other colonial items that our counselors were selling in their stores.  Some of these items included silhouettes, herbal tea, tavern drinks, photos at the old time photo booth, and a chance to pie our counselors!

Who knew traveling back in time could be so much fun on the farm!

IMG_4044 IMG_4138 IMG_4214 IMG_1185

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