Sunday was a much deserved day of rest and relaxation!  We started the day with brunch of waffles and ice cream, and had a lot of fun spending time with our yurt mates at our extended water front time!  We also took the day to reflect on our experience so far at camp and related it to the 8 Core Values of Frost Valley: Honesty, Respect, Caring, Inclusiveness, Community, Stewardship, and Diversity. We designed poster collages for the new dining hall and talked about what these core values means to us.  We also received core value necklaces that we are super excited about!  Each color of the beads on our necklaces represents a core value.  When we see someone else at the farm demonstrating one of these core values, we give them a bead and tell them why they were deserving.  We have seen some great examples of the core values in action and we have enjoyed sharing these special beads with each other.  We were also given time to reflect and share with each other through poetry, story telling, and skits.  Here are some of the exciting things that we did!







IMG_0263 (2)


IMG_0254 (2)


IMG_0257 (2)





IMG_0244 (2)


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