Hi Guys – just quick update from me (Emily) about what we have all been up to…

Yesterday (Saturday) was bareback day at EVR, which is when the girls get to try riding their horses without a saddle! It is a really neat experience for anyone, from the most advanced riders to complete beginners. Bareback riding can teach you a lot about how the horse moves, balance and comfort!! We also practiced our show grooming skills on the horses, and gave some of them a bath!

As it was QUITE cold yesterday we played a lot of active games to keep warm, and even started the fire and made our own bread sticks!

Evening program last night was BANANA BOATS (an EVR tradition)

We slept in late today, and ate waffles and ice cream for breakfast!!! Today is THEME DAY, as most of you know. And this years theme is MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!! The girls have dressed up as hippies, tie-dyed, made dream catchers, face painted, and made a giant wall filled with their ideas of how they can make the world a better place. These girls are truly inspiring, and came up with some incredible ideas about how they want to make a difference to the world – it is so great to see.

Tonight we will head to the Farm for a BBQ and party to wrap up our lovely relaxing theme day.

This week is a busy week, with lots planned: the four week are performing their drill team, Mustang Village pay us a visit, we have the staff demonstration, low ropes, candle making and MUCH MORE.

That’s all for now!

– Emily, East Valley Ranch Director.

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