On Sunday night we welcomed all of the new girls who are here to join us for Session Two of East Valley Ranch! After a busy check-in day, we had a BBQ dinner with burgers and alllllll the fixings and then headed out to our Fire Ring for OPENING CAMP FIRE. Not only did we have an amazing fire, but we also had S’mores, talents, singing and dancing as well as sharing our personal goals for the session. It was a pretty special night. <3

Monday was EVAL DAY, this is the day that all of the girls get to show off their skills on horseback so we can pair them up with the horse that will best suit their riding style and ability. We then played GERONIMO, a traditional camp favorite game and then went swimming at the Farm. Last night’s evening program was Capture the Flag! – See smugmug.com for pictures!

This morning the girls found out which horses they will be riding for the rest of the session and there were many excited faces at Breakfast this morning!

The girls that are here for four weeks have had a lovely relaxing weekend with Kayleigh & Lilli – their counselors from England and Austria. They swam, watched movies, had campfires and welcomed the campers arriving for Session 2 on Sunday!

Yesterday (Monday) the girls had their very first Drill Team Practice with their horses, they will be putting on a performance next week to show off all of their skills and their horses for the two week prorgram. Check back later in the week to see what their Drill Team theme will be. They have also started to learn how to teach Ground Lessons and assist in mounted lessons – to say I am proud of them would be an understatement!

More blogs will be updated later in the week… WE LOVE EVR!!



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