Today at EVR we have been getting creative doing arts and crafts. The girls really enjoyed their morning  making bracelets, painting and making candles. We now have an array of multi coloured candles of all different shapes and sizes in each of the yurts, some of them are extremely creative! I know that the girls are all excited to light them when they get home. As well as getting creative, we have also been playing volleyball and yesterday a previously undefeated counsellor team was narrowly beaten by the two week girls!

Last nights evening programme was challenge night – my own personal favourite! Each yurt had to work together as a team to win a selection of challenges ranging from best and worst singer to best counsellor impression. Yurt 2 were victorious with the remaining 4 yurts all coming joint second, however it’s the taking part that counts and each yurt was able to get stronger as a team.

Down at the barn all of the riding lessons are steadily improving whilst the girls bond with their horses. Tomorrow is bareback day where they get the chance to have a lesson with no saddle. This is a great way to improve your position whilst also being incredibly fun, so keep an eye out for the next post to see how they get on!

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