The two week girls got the session off to a good start after finding out their horse assignments. They each rode their assigned horse for the first time yesterday and got to meet their instructors. Our ground lessons for the last couple of days have been breeds and colours and vet care, which has each of the girls a chance to learn something new about horses. They will be building on this knowledge in our other ground lessons over the session.

Away from the barn the girls have been getting energetic playing soccer and kick ball. This enabled them to work together as a team and have fun with their new found friends. We also took the tractor down to farm camp to go swimming in the watering hole which was a welcome cool down after a hot game! The waterfront can also be a nice chance to have a rest and make friendship bracelets, something that the girls take very seriously here!

Last night for evening programme we played a game called CHAOS! This involved the girls working together in their yurt to complete 6 different challenges such as throw the chocolate chip at a shaving foam covered counselor or catching ping pong balls in a fishing net. Once a team has completed all 6 challenges they shout CHAOS! and get sprayed with shaving foam. Needless to say everyone was covered within seconds and we were all grateful to shower!

This evening for evening programme it’s everyone’s favourite camp game: USB!

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