After a fantastic theme day on Sunday, the girls are back to riding lessons as we enter our second week of the session. It is easy to see how far they have all progressed and each group will be heading out on a trail ride over the next couple of days to put their new skills in to practice. Yesterday as their ground lesson the girls got the chance to try out round pen with a horse. This is a training method which involves using your body language and allows you to gain trust with your horse. If it is done correctly the horse should follow you willingly, and let you touch it all over. Each of the girls had the chance to try this and they absolutely loved it, every one of them took part with a massive grin on their face!

As well as riding yesterday, the girls had the chance to get artistic and do some tie dyeing. Anything white was ideal tie dye material, so we now have some very funky t-shirts and pillow cases brightening up the ranch! After showing us their creative side, the girls got to show us their messy side in a game called ‘How well do you know your campers?’. This involved each of our counselors being asked a question about their campers and being covered in chocolate sauce, ketchup, sprinkles and whipped cream for each incorrect answer. Needless to say the questions were not easy and all of the counselors were soon turned into human sundaes by the girls!

This morning we headed out in to the woods to do some team building on the low ropes course. After doing some trust exercises we split up in to groups and helped each other complete various different challenges. It was great to see some of the girls overcome their fears and put their trust in their friends to keep them safe. We also finally got to go swimming in the watering hole down at farm camp which was a welcome treat in the heat of the midday sun.

Tonight’s evening programme is Staff Demo where the girls get to see their riding instructors ride!

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